The fastest way to learn the principles in my Basic Course in Law and Government is, of  course, to make the small initial down payment by following the instructions in my July 7, 2011 Post followed by the diligent reading of  all the Course Materials. Once  the Student has learned a few good arguments that […]

Ask a sheriff to describe the origin of his territorial jurisdiction and he will tell you the entire county has always been his territory, but if you ask him about any federal property located within that county’s perimeter and he will deny any jurisdiction over that land.  The States of the second Union the United […]

In “merrie olde England,” the sheriff enforced the English common law through the “no writ, no right no remedy” idea of civil procedure.  The common law belonged to the people, but to get your jury verdict satisfied you had to have the proper writ issued by one of the king’s judges. The sheriff in England […]

There widespread belief is that written law applies to the land under your house, so it is  commonly believed that both the judicial and non-judicial foreclosure processes may be brought against you and your home.  Unless you live in Louisiana, the English common law is the law, so the easiest way to avoid the severest […]

There is no foreclosure process under the English common law, if a mortgage was not fully paid the title to the mortgaged property reverted to the mortgagee, the seller.  There is a foreclosure process.  So how is it possible to avoid a residential foreclosure using the English common law? In every State, but the State […]

The Democrat Health Care Reform Bill that is now the “Law of the Land” is just one more reason to learn that the “Law” is always first a Bill that passed Congress and had to be presented to “the President of the United States” for his approval and signature.  Since all 44 Presidents have been […]

I teach ordinary people how to become legal geniuses by learning the origin of unwritten and written law.  Being a legal genius is a lot like being a successful rocket scientist, you won’t succeed and you won’t get noticed, unless you put your payload into orbit.  What would a Student, who has become a legal […]

If you have a note and mortgage or trust deed and lien on your home, there is a 50% chance that you are “upside down” or “underwater” with respect to your equity in your home. Half of you owe more than your house is worth, yet you will still be expected to pay property taxes.  […]

George Washington and the Founding Fathers used their knowledge of the written law to steal the country from the people and place them under martial law.  Washington and his crew in the Constitutional Convention met in secret in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787 to undo the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation.  By the […]

I am looking for law and government students with only one prerequisite that they own real property encumbered with a claim of a lien arising out of State or federal law.  If you are such a person or know such a person, I want you or that person to contact me at Now that […]

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