The basis of democracy is the notion of a representative government elected by a simple majority vote.  The age of majority in the Northwest Territory begins at age twenty-one and transitions to age eighteen in the Constitution of the United States. The Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 set forth a temporary government for that […]

You have an obligation to know the most complicated law in the world—the tax law of the United States.  All law begins as a thought that controls, seeks to control or to explain that which cannot be controlled.  Taxation in America is presented by government as enduring and inevitable.  It is not. Law was brought […]

I am looking for law and government students with only one prerequisite that they own real property encumbered with a claim of a lien arising out of State or federal law.  If you are such a person or know such a person, I want you or that person to contact me at Now that […]

On April 30, 1789, when the sun was at its zenith and all eyes and ears were focused on the President Elect, George Washington took an oral oath to become Masonic Dictator and Commander in Chief of the United States.  Secretly implanted in the Constitution of September 17, 1787, this oath, when whispered by Washington, […]

If there are two Congresses, it must follow that you have your choice of two Unions: perpetual or more perfect.  If you pick the perpetual “firm league of friendship” of the Articles of Confederation and the United States of America, you get no representation, because the style of the United States of America is a […]

The Chief Justice is required by the Constitution of September 17, 1787 to preside at the impeachment of the President of the United States.  Imposing this duty on the Chief Justice makes the Chief Justice an employee, but that doesn’t make the Constitution of September 17, 1787 a contract.   The Constitution of the United States […]

Mayday mayday mayday is an international distress signal, when combined with May 1, the date President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower, established as Law Day you get a current worldwide signal of distress about the sad state of the law. While the Swine Flu is keeping much of the socialist world from marking May […]

America has a secret government because Americans lost faith in themselves and then mistakenly trusted George Washington, a proud Mason, who knew the fine art of keeping secrets.   Today is the 220th anniversary of the secret he took to his grave.  That secret is revealed here in greater public detail than ever before.  The secret?  […]

Representatives for and direct taxes on the settlers and inhabitants of the federal district known as the Northwest Territory are what are to be apportioned among the several States of the new Union to be called the United States. Representation and direct taxation have been the ruin of this country ever since George Washington took […]

The Constitution cannot be fully understood without making the Constitutional Convention of May 25, 1787 your own personal crime scene investigation.   It is not too late for real non-military justice.  Patrick Henry, the patriot and brilliant orator of Virginia refused to attend the Constitutional Convention, because he smelled a rat.  Now that the whole country […]

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