When a couple get a license to marry, they are contributing to the process of being ruled by the military dictatorship begun by George Washington.  It was Washington who made it possible by his election on February 4, 1789 to the Office of President and his switch in office to President of the United States.  […]

The legislative enactment of gay marriage is the best evidence of all that is possible in one of the States of the United States and why practically no Vermonter has to consent to be governed there. The State of Vermont was admitted into the Union of States created by the ratification of “this Constitution,” by […]

The written Constitution, for the United States of America, was ratified by all the States, but it was never adopted by George Washington and the First Congress, or any other President or Congress.  This is why it seems, at times, as if there is no Constitution at all.  The first nine States that ratified the […]

The Constitution imposes no qualifications on the President of the United States except that when the President of the United States is impeached the Chief Justice shall preside.  It is the President of the United States of America that is selected when the Office of President is filled by the Presidential Electors now called the […]

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