There widespread belief is that written law applies to the land under your house, so it is  commonly believed that both the judicial and non-judicial foreclosure processes may be brought against you and your home.  Unless you live in Louisiana, the English common law is the law, so the easiest way to avoid the severest […]

There is no foreclosure process under the English common law, if a mortgage was not fully paid the title to the mortgaged property reverted to the mortgagee, the seller.  There is a foreclosure process.  So how is it possible to avoid a residential foreclosure using the English common law? In every State, but the State […]

A student sent me a copy a letter he received from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Taxation that had this caption. As a new Student, he is not aware of the many nuances of a State government based on the Constitution of the United States and government taxation system based on citizen employees and […]

Taxes are what governments charge, so they can continue to be governments.   The first governments of recorded history are of single rulers.  These rulers rule by making laws and direct orders.  The laws are carried out by bureaucrats and the decrees by employee/agents of the single ruler, which include the military forces. Every ruler makes […]

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. defines Gift as “A voluntary transfer of personal property without consideration.”  That same dictionary defines a Demand as “A debt or amount due,” and as “An imperative request preferred by one person to another, under a claim of right, requiring the latter to do or yield something or to abstain […]

The States want you to believe all property is taxable except that which the State exempt s.  The States neglect to explain that beginning with Article 4 of the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 the States have agreed that property belonging to the United States of America shall not be taxed and that the […]

If you will listen carefully to Barack Hussein Obama, you will soon notice that he says he is filling one office, but he never refers to it as, either the office of President of the United States of America or the office of President of the United States.   The two offices are separate and distinct, […]

The Democrat Health Care Reform Bill that is now the “Law of the Land” is just one more reason to learn that the “Law” is always first a Bill that passed Congress and had to be presented to “the President of the United States” for his approval and signature.  Since all 44 Presidents have been […]

The media missed the most important news in constitutional law history, when it focused on Vice President Joe Biden’s foul remark to President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, instead of realizing that for 221 years the President of the United States of America not the President of the United States has […]

I teach ordinary people how to become legal geniuses by learning the origin of unwritten and written law.  Being a legal genius is a lot like being a successful rocket scientist, you won’t succeed and you won’t get noticed, unless you put your payload into orbit.  What would a Student, who has become a legal […]

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