The State of California is an example of a modern political state, which was first devised by George Washington and the so-called Founding Fathers at the secret Constitutional Convention of 1787.  After the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 and the success of the War for Independence, American politicians slowly realized that few Americans […]

What is worse, the further extension of the martial law begun by George Washington or the socialism proposed by Barack Obama in his speech before a joint session of Congress?  The near total control of right to contract for the payment of health expenses is fast approaching. Insurance is a contract between the insurer and […]

The State of California is looking for buyers for some of its property.  Up for sale is the land under the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, San Quentin State Prison, Ventura County Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Fairgrounds among other properties.  State of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has floated a “going out of business” trial balloon […]

Talk that some banks might have to be taken over by the government neglects one fact: there is no government in America. There is a business enterprise called the United States Government that began operation when George Washington became President of the United States by accepting at will employment by agreeing to do his best […]

I have just received a new teaching assignment: what authority do the city officials of Atwater, California have to determine the use of real property allegedly located in Atwater.  This teaser post will be the first of many on the disintegration of government in America and Atwater in particular.  The State of California is bankrupt […]

In the movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” the sad tale of the loss of the Pacific Electric Railway is told Hollywood style.  Politicians and big business got rid of mass transit in Los Angeles, just so  they could sell more cars.  As a kid growing up in Compton, I would take the Red Car to the […]

When I, as a young attorney, started representing individuals in filing personal bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7, the petitioner would have to sign the petition before a Notary Public.  Now simple signatures under penalty of perjury is all that is required.   I was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1972, but to file a bankruptcy petition […]