The sentence: “Sections 81-131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945,”  is an invitation to the reader to use his or her visual power to see (“show”) the territorial composition of what will be presented in those Sections (81-131) as groups of counties.  The […]

These are the first two pages of an 11page lesson on the Constitution.  Students get this lesson and many others when they enroll.      COLOR OF LAW COLORING the CONSTITUTION THE CONSTITUTION IN LIVING COLOR    No one will dispute this fact: This Constitution was written in a secret Constitutional Convention.  No attempt was […]

Al Capone was indicted for various tax crimes in 1931 in the Eastern Division of the Northern District of Illinois.  Al Capone’s attorneys could have beat that case if they had known what I am teaching in these posts and my law school. Today Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is facing pending charges in the same […]

State of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will fight, fight, fight until he takes his last breath.  I have been helping him by posting the problems that all written law crimes pose.  Written law is always limited to a certain territory, which must be identified in that written law.  The most important sentence in federal law […]

The recent admission of negligence by federal Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox of negligence in overseeing the activities of  Bernard Madoff provides just the most recent evidence of that government is broken beyond repair. The SEC was created by President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt to protect investors from being cheated […]

Yesterday, December 15, 2008, the Presidential Electors met in their respective states and in the District of Columbia to record their votes for the Presidential candidates the U.S. voters voted for on November     Prior to the voting by the Electors, the official popular State vote for President of the United States and Vice President […]

The State of Illinois legislature is embarking on impeachment proceedings against Governor Rod Blagojevich based on the following Article of the State’s Constitution:  ARTICLE IV – THE LEGISLATURE, SECTION 14. IMPEACHMENT  The House of Representatives has the sole power to conduct legislative investigations to determine the existence of cause for impeachment and, by the vote […]

Being a domiciliary of the State of California is a requirement for a trial juror in Section 203 of the State of California Code of Civil Procedure.   The 4th Edition of Black’s Law Dictionary was published the year I started law school, 1968.  That dictionary defines “domiciliary” as pertaining to domicile; relating to one’s domicile […]

Thinking is a great opportunity to learn, so learning to think like a lawyer is a great opportunity to learn the law.  Everyone is thinking about the Presidency, but those thoughts have little to do with provable facts.  In this exercise, we start with the fact that George Washington was the first President of the […]

Scooter Libby may have had the only fair jury trial of recent memory.  He was found guilty and part of the sentence was commuted by President of the United States George W. Bush.  Scooter Libby was tried in the one place in America where plenty of lawful federal jurors can be found. I hope that […]

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