The government created on the authority of the Constitution is coming undone right before our eyes.  To those who are unaware of the government secrets revealed here, it might appear that the Congress of the United States is real and General Motors will soon be forgotten.   The Constitution that inspired United States Government was not a document it was […]

The attorney general for the United States is established in Section 35 of the Judiciary Act of 1789, which act created a non-judicial legislative district court system based on the power of the United States of America to manage and administer its own property. Eric Holder, the person, Barack Obama has picked to head the […]

The United States of America, a confederacy of thirteen states, was formed when the first Organic Law, the Declaration of Independence was unanimously approved by all thirteen states.  The fundamental law of these states is the English common law and the Constitution mentioned in the Declaration is the American version of the unwritten English Constitution. The […]

Which President has the power to reprieve and pardon?  If “this Constitution” had been adopted, the POTUSA would be doing the pardoning.  Adoption of this Constitution requires that the POTUSA take the Article VI oath and that would allow the pardoning of crimes against the United States of America.   The POTUS is a statutory officer, […]

Months ago during the Presidential campaign I suggested that should Obama win he ought to appoint Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States, because, while that kind of change might not be believable it would be the truth.  The Office of President of the United States is an appointive Office, because no other provision […]

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