America has a secret government because Americans lost faith in themselves and then mistakenly trusted George Washington, a proud Mason, who knew the fine art of keeping secrets.   Today is the 220th anniversary of the secret he took to his grave.  That secret is revealed here in greater public detail than ever before.  The secret?  […]

On April 3, 2009, the State of Iowa Supreme Court in a unanimous ruling, upheld an August 2007 decision by Polk County District Court Judge Robert Hanson, who had decided that a State of Iowa revenue law limiting marriage only to unions between a man and a woman denied the constitutional right to the equal […]

Representatives for and direct taxes on the settlers and inhabitants of the federal district known as the Northwest Territory are what are to be apportioned among the several States of the new Union to be called the United States. Representation and direct taxation have been the ruin of this country ever since George Washington took […]

Government in America has been continually growing in the kinds and numbers of citizens since the Declaration of Independence.  Under British monarchical rule, Americans were British subjects and citizens.  American citizens or inhabitants, under the Articles of Confederation, became citizens or remained inhabitants of the thirteen states acknowledged as “free, sovereign and independent,” by George […]

The Constitution cannot be fully understood without making the Constitutional Convention of May 25, 1787 your own personal crime scene investigation.   It is not too late for real non-military justice.  Patrick Henry, the patriot and brilliant orator of Virginia refused to attend the Constitutional Convention, because he smelled a rat.  Now that the whole country […]

It doesn’t matter whether you call a federal court a United States district court, a District Court of the United States or any combination or capitalization of the four words that describe a district court in the United States.  The federal part of the court comes from the territorial composition of the districts and divisions […]

The Money Masters series of videos on YouTube are very interesting, but the series lack the most important point made only on this site.  Fiat currency is produced pursuant to statutory authority, which in the case of Congress is limited to the territory owned by and ceded to the United States of America.  This statutory […]

I know of no one with my knowledge and experience, who is attempting to teach all ordinary people, what they need to know about law and government.  Here is just one example of one of my responses to a recent student’s  experience using what he has learned: Ed, This is an update of my payroll […]

George Washington, when it came time to take an oath of Office couldn’t meet the 14 Years residency requirement for the Office of President, so he appointed himself President of the United States and was inaugurated on April 30, 1789, as President of the United States, an employee of the Congress of the United States.  […]

They are the current faces of the oligarchy that rules America. You’ve seen them on TV, but what are they really?  They are the people who have stolen your power, your freedom and your treasure.  They have laid waste to the country and they are in the process of making you bail out their cronies, […]

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