The Fourteenth Amendment was intended to confer citizenship on former black slaves, however, the language of the amendment has been used to create a new type of citizenship unrelated to allegiance to one of the States of the United States of America. Article IV Section 2 Clause 1 of the Constitution: “The Citizens of each […]

Every person should reflect, from time to time, on what that person has learned to that point in life.  If everyone went through that assessment, I think there would be a lot of unsatisfied people.  I get a lot of requests for information on enrollment in my Basic Course in Law and Government, but few […]

Before George Washington could become the first President of the United States, there had to be a United States he could preside over.  The Declaration of Independence created a United States of America on July 4, 1776, but King George III was not sufficiently impressed to let the thirteen American colonies go free.   Great Britain […]

All a person has to do to become a free inhabitant under Article IV of the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 is stop acting like a citizen of the United States.  If you are one of my Students, you can send President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama your version of the […]

If a United States Representative or Senator is asked about the present status of the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777, that Representative or Senator will respond with the story the Library of Congress is putting out, instead of telling the whole truth.  Here is the federal government’s official Internet story of what happened […]

Those Students who purchase volume 1 of the 2000 edition of the United States Code will see on page III of that book that Title 2. The Congress has not been enacted into positive law.  All the other titles found in volume 1 have been enacted into positive law.  What else has been enacted into […]

Eighteen months ago Rod Begojevich was arrested on political corruption charges and today his trial started by beginning the process that will pick a trial jury.   On December 20, 2008 my Post was: BEGOJEVICH CAN BEAT ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES.  For a year and a half, I have explained without contradiction how all federal law […]

Every written language known today began as a spoken language, which succeeded as effective communication along with the people who spoke it.   Technology is dependent on an efficient written language and knowledge of mathematics, so as technology advances, language, also, becomes more complex. Law tracks spoken language as words are invented to describe proscribed events […]

The book every American family should have is on sale for $22 at the United States Government Printing Office Bookstore.  The United States Code is published every six years, so the 2000 edition is about to be replaced.  I paid $84 for my 2000 edition and there is no need to replace it with a […]

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