When the Sheriff of Bristol County, Massachusetts established a program to charge prisoners for their custody, the inmates sued the Sheriff in, Richard Souza & others v. Sheriff of Bristol County, Supreme Judicial Court-10508 January 05, 2010.  In deciding against the Sheriff, the court referred to an old volume that described the character and origin […]

Ask a sheriff to describe the origin of his territorial jurisdiction and he will tell you the entire county has always been his territory, but if you ask him about any federal property located within that county’s perimeter and he will deny any jurisdiction over that land.  The States of the second Union the United […]

The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 did more than sever the political bands that had connected Americans with Great Britain, the mother country.  Independence freed men and women in America from all government not just the British King George III. The English common law was not something they could get rid of even […]

In “merrie olde England,” the sheriff enforced the English common law through the “no writ, no right no remedy” idea of civil procedure.  The common law belonged to the people, but to get your jury verdict satisfied you had to have the proper writ issued by one of the king’s judges. The sheriff in England […]

There widespread belief is that written law applies to the land under your house, so it is  commonly believed that both the judicial and non-judicial foreclosure processes may be brought against you and your home.  Unless you live in Louisiana, the English common law is the law, so the easiest way to avoid the severest […]

The common law is so named because it is so much a part of the community that is also part of the oral language.  Do not fall for the Wikipedia/government propaganda that the common law was made by judges.  English common law had a history heavily influenced by the English monarchy’s administration of all legal […]

According to Glenn Beck, he never met a Founding Father he didn’t like.  Beck gushes over these men like school girls swoon over the latest music celebrity.  Beck may never end his love affair with these bewigged silk stockinged part time citizen statesmen. We, however, can take them exactly for what they were savvy men […]

George Washington was elected President of the United States of America on February 4, 1789, by Article II Section 1 Clause 2 Electors, who are today known collectively as the Electoral College.  Article II Section 1 Clause 1 of the Constitution of September 17, 1787 vests the executive Power in “a President of the United […]

A constitution is made of words, which many be very common such as “a,” “the,” “this,” and “all.”  The combination of simple words with the more complex words of any constitution will present us with complete English sentences, which can be subjected to grammatical analysis to discern their meaning. How would a scientist examine the […]

No matter what the English common law might be in Great Britain, what it becomes in America, after the British lose the American Revolution, is completely told in the English language. Common law crimes, for instance, like statutory crimes, consist of elements each of which must be proven in any prosecution.   In the common law, […]

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