Immediately after the States had signed the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 work began on articles of confederation.  The Articles of Confederation were completed and signed on November 15, 1777 and circulated among the States for ratification.  Virginia became the first State to ratify on December 16, 1777, but the perpetual Union would […]

Congress claimed the power to tax in Article 4 of the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 and today the entirety of Title 26 Internal Revenue Code can be traced back to that Organic Law of  the United States of America.   Congress had prior to 1998 legislated two meanings in Title 26 for its […]

I teach my Students that law is all about relationships, because, in American society, every major problem is thought to be eventually resolved by the United States Supreme Court.  No matter what the problem the court of last resort will weigh in and the law will prevail.  For about 200 years, Americans have bought the […]

Organic laws and organic marriage can make life on earth seem like heaven.  The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 freed Americans from a British king and common law marriage created a Union that freed men and women from government. The first and second Organic Laws, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of […]

Article 3 Section 1: “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land,” explains why common law marriages are not recognized in the State of California. The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States […]

The most important sentence in the United States Code was intended to be lost in the Historical and Revision Notes to Chapter 5 of Title 28, but an English sentence that shows the districts of the United States district courts to be limited to the territory owned by or subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of […]

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