With only a few exceptions, the English common law is the law in California.  However, as very few people are aware of that legal fact, statute law has been widely applied outside of the State of California, the territory owned by or subject to the exclusive legislative power of the United States of America.  To […]

The NCAA severely sanctioned Penn State for covering up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes.  What do you think will happen when just a few more people find out how the government used the Constitution of the United States to take their freedom and their property? Didn’t know you’ve been abused by a depraved government since childhood?  Read […]

By now, this being very close to the 700th Post on this site, the reader should know the four Organic Laws of the United States of America:  the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777, the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 and the Constitution of September […]

The Organic Laws of the United States of America are presented in Volume 1 of the United States Code as the foundation of “the general and permanent laws of the United States.”   This presentation of the four Organic Laws and all the Titles of the United States Code tells us unequivocally that the United States […]

The process is very simple: just tell the government to remove your property from the tax rolls.  Those tax rolls were created when someone who once owned your property failed to object to the inclusion of that property on the assessment list.  Someone without a legal education, in your property’s past, put it on the […]

Traffic court is part of a much larger for profit dispute resolution organization called the “United States judicial system” headed by a person called the Chief Justice of the United States.  John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, which is the highest court of appeal in the United States.   […]

What is the jurisdiction of   the Constitution of the United States?  Jurisdiction is power and to determine the power of the Constitution over any case we must examine that document beginning with the first three articles, where it is claimed the three government powers are to be found. Article I of “this Constitution:”  “All legislative […]

The power used in a taking of private property for public use is called eminent domain.  The concept is historically derived from both the war power and the law of necessity, which empowered the king to take whatever property was necessary to protect the people from invasion or other serious harm.        Eminent domain […]

Any traffic court judge will tell you the Constitution of the United States isn’t part of the law in his court. If you know, where the government can tell you how fast you can drive, you know the traffic judge is telling the truth.  Where can the cop write his speeding ticket?  Traffic cops write […]

The law that permits a parking ticket to be written and placed under your windshield wiper is written law, which is based on the Organic Laws of the United States of America not on the English common law.   A quick review: the basis of all written law is the Organic Laws of the United […]

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