Gerald Celente, according to his website,, “has been forecasting trends worldwide since 1980, delivering concise, deployable success strategies and publishing the Trends Journal.”  This is one of Mr. Celente’s recent remarks: “State controlled capitalism is called fascism.” What trend has Mr. Celente forecast by his state controlled capitalism definition?  Regular readers will recall that […]

Article II Section 1 Clause 1 of  the Constitution of September 17, 1787 is clearly a revision of  the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777, in that it provides for a President with the executive power: “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold […]

When the Confederation Congress passed the February 21, 1787 Resolution convening the May 25, 1787 Constitutional Convention, it essentially invited George Washington to seize the federal government, so he could remake it as he wished.  The Constitution of September 17, 1787 was George Washington’s instrument, which remade what had formerly been the United States in […]

The Constitution of the United States George Washington orally swore to “preserve, protect and defend” on April 30, 1789, in this Article II Section 1 Clause 8 oath: “I, George Washington, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, […]

I’ll be on Patrick Timpone’s  One Radio Network this Tuesday, September 18, at 9:00 am Central time.  Patrick is one of my Students, so you can be sure this will be an informative show.  Here is the link to the One Radio Network: Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

Why do we have the kind of government which we believe we have? Whether you think government works or is broken, George Washington should get both the credit and the blame. Washington gets credit for preserving the original Union, the Confederacy, the United States of America under the authority of the Articles of Confederation of […]

Of course, they are.   If you wanted to prove the tenets of libertarianism were once and still are the basis of American political life, where would you go?  The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 and the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 established the foundation for libertarian government in the United States […]

The Treaty of Paris of September 3, 1783 officially ended American Revolution, which may have provided the inspiration for George Washington’s coup d’état, especially the first Article following the recitals: Article 1: “His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, […]