The State of California was officially admitted to the so-called “more perfect” Union of government territory created by “this Constitution” on September 9, 1850.   The first “perpetual union” and “firm league of friendship” formed by the ratification by the first thirteen states of the Articles of Confederation is, of course, still operating.   California was admitted to the Confederacy […]

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  1. clabianco on December 19th, 2008 10:07 pm

    ON Gay Marriage: Your discussion is extremely confusing. Why not capitalize to indicate differences between one entity and another when both have the same name but have different referents. Example, suppose you create the name the State of California founded by the people of California and the name STATE OF CALIFORNIA for the Corporate State owned by the federal government,owned by Congress? Example, the “true” united States of America, ( of, by and for the people ) is as the name in this sentence is spelled. The corporate THE UNITED STATES,( of, by and for Congress and it’s henchmen) is the “false” government, corporation.
    I have learned a little of this from other sources but your writing makes me confused.
    Is / Was not the Constitution ( I heard there were 2 and the Current is not the true original, “organic” one )adopted by the 13 original states. Is it the supreme law of the land? Does it operate like common law for we the people? Is it not a bulwark against Governmental Corporation Statues; against “Admiralty/Maritime Law?

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    [...] PROP 8 AND THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION EDRIVERA COM Posted by root 4 minutes ago ( Even if the constitution for the state of california guaranteed everyone in is it not a bulwark against governmental corporation statues against admiralty maritime law you must be logged in to post a comment copyright 2007 edrivera com powered by wordpres Discuss  |  Bury |  News | PROP 8 AND THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION EDRIVERA COM [...]