I have been told that there are a few folks in the system who can’t wait for the truth to make them free.  They are marked with the sign of the Beast and they say they have been forced to sign the dreaded W-4.  They want their freedom and they want it now.  The English common law […]

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  1. Freeinhabitant_Dave on December 9th, 2008 11:28 pm


    Dear Judgie Wudgie:

    Thank you for considering me for jury duty but I don’t feel I meet the qualifications. First, I do not claim residence or domicile on any government land within county boundary lines. Secondly I do not claim to be a domicilary of the STATE OF APATHY. Third, I understand the difference between law common with people and law for government–the latter being constitutions and their derivatory statutory law. Forth, I intend to guide my actions and judge other’s actions according to the correct law. Fifth, I will not limit myself to just judging facts. Sixth, I feel it is my duty to inform other jurors to restore their power and effectiveness. Seventh, I will ask on behalf of other jurors to know all sanctions, penalties and incarcration times PRIOR to deliberation.

    I am pleased that you considered me and look forward to educating you and the other attorneys with a persoanl visit. When can we schedule same?

    Kind Regards,

    Joe the Plumber