An Open Letter To Government Captives

Dear Captive of Government,

You are a fellow Captive of government. We are all captives of government, because we have forgotten what truth makes us free. Government truth is qualified as to people, place and purpose. God’s truth is universal. It is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith that obedience to God’s laws will make us free. God makes His laws easily known by writing them on every human heart. The Congress of the United States has become the Tower of Babel of written law.

As a follower of God’s law, you need only learn how to avoid becoming a person in a place with a government purpose to stay clear of government and its laws. I will teach you the Organic Law, basic documents, upon which government patterns its laws. Government doesn’t know the limitations of its written law, because it doesn’t know the Organic Law of the United States of America.

The Organic Law consists of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 and the Constitution for the United States of America. The educational aid and assistance that I will provide will enable the person in captivity to present their own paper work to be freed. As we progress with the educational program other methods of attacking the incarceration will present themselves. Every means of education will be used to obtain the release of the person held captive as individual economies permit.

We don’t have legal problems we have problems with a government that wants to make rules and regulations for us, as if there was no God. Lawyers cannot help us. Becoming a government citizen will not help us. Innocence will not help us. Pontius Pilate, the embodiment of government, found Jesus Christ innocent, but allowed Him to be crucified in order to support government. Jesus Christ submitted to show us how government will assist those allied with government to punish and even kill the innocent.

We know Satan the devil controls all governments, because he tempted Jesus Christ with the possession of that authority. Jesus was not tempted, but politicians have succumbed to temptation, as have all the Presidents. Worldwide, governments are in the control of the devil and politicians. Government mimics God’s law in order to obtain obedience to its written law. Jesus taught obedience to the law God wrote on every heart. Strict obedience to government law is required only by those in the government otherwise the conflict of serving two masters arises.

Written laws that demand precise attention to detail confirm that hidden in that law are minute details that exclude huge populations from its application. The popular saying: “The devil is in the details,” explains how every written law is limited to a certain place on Earth where politicians rule in league with the devil. My investigation of written law has uncovered no conflict with God’s laws, which proves that even Satan the devil must play by God’s rules. Written law governs the government and is operable only on territory owned by government. “Render Unto Caesar” means that government rules what belongs to the government. Written law expands its territory by deception, because all written law requires consent. One cannot consent to that which is ambiguous.

Real laws, the laws of nature, are unwritten gifts from God the Creator to make us free. When written laws are used to take God’s freedom from us, we must all be certain that all the written laws are known and that they have been properly applied. Lies are told in words. Lies exist as oral or written creations of mankind. The lower animals do not have the need or ability to lie. Modern governments have always been products of written law and written laws are always wrong, when written law is applied outside of government.

Written laws can only be made from human language and at their best they are only marginally accurate in their prescriptions and descriptions. While God’s laws are the truths that make us free, written laws have become traps that imprison us. For example, unalienable rights are God’s laws and written laws must, as supported by the Declaration of Independence, apply only to a government whose purpose it is to secure those unalienable rights for the people. Complex and intricate bureaucratic government institutions are meant to ensnare those looking for the simple application of God’s unwritten law. Government laws must conform with God’s laws, so as with all written laws loopholes abound in government laws.

You will be soon freed from the prison of government lies and usurpation of the power of the people to rule themselves, if you can train your mind to seek the confirmation of legal authority in one or more of the four Organic Laws. Government lies and deception are now easy to expose using simple exercises that help explain the Constitution. The first you will learn is the Lesson of Step Child Constitution. In that lesson, you will learn that the Constitution has not be “Adopted” so that an eligible person can be elected to and fill the Office of President.

George Washington did not qualify for the Office of President at the time he was elected by the Presidential Electors. Because of his failure to qualify for the Office to which he was elected, he took the oath of Office of President of the United States, an Office for which the Constitution established no term or qualifications. Washington was not qualified the first time he was elected because the 14 Years residency requirement could not be met until July 4, 1790 and he was elected on February 4, 1789 and took the oath of Office of President of the United States on April 30, 1789. Washington was re-elected when the 14 Years residency was easily met, however, by then the written Constitution had not been “Adopted,” for the United States of America.

The Constitution has been adopted by the United States Government as a model for its special government called the “federal government.” However, such an adoption has made it impossible for the Confederacy, the United States of America to adopt the Constitution, without acknowledging that the United States Government has been limited to government territory and government property, and it has been intentionally acting outside its territorial jurisdiction.

As you progress in your legal education, you can add to your understanding the rest of the Organic Laws. I have devised various lessons and exercises to teach how the Organic Laws function together and how they are supposed to make the different parts of the Constitution function. As you read this letter, certain parts of this letter will better understood by you than other parts. The one part of this letter that everyone will agree on is the importance of the deception of George Washington’s oath of Office. When Washington was elected to the Office of President by the Presidential Electors, he became President of the United States of America, because that is the way the Constitution was written. The Office of President of the United States of America is not an Office under the authority of the Constitution. The United States of America was created by the Articles of Confederation, the second Organic Law. That Organic Law does not require a president to take any oath of Office, so George Washington becomes President of the United States of America without taking any oath. When Washington does take an oath, it is an oath to an Office that has no definite term or any qualifications.

This is how you will begin to learn everything you need to free yourself or others from government lies. The government is operating deceptively by using a governing document, the Articles of Confederation, alleged by government, educators and the media to be repealed. The government is using the Constitution to confuse government territory with the United States of America. Once the government’s deceptive techniques are learned, future governmental attempts at deception will be less successful until they will become obsolete.

I have proven that the basis of the American criminal justice system is based on a military model. For many years, it has been suggested and firmly believed by many that the United States government courts were admiralty courts and the country was being ruled by admiralty law. There is no denying that the United States Government appears to use military law in its courts and judicial procedure. Article III Section 2 Clause 1 of the Constitution clearly states that the Judicial Power of the United States of America extends to admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. However, as the Constitution has not been “Adopted,” by the President of the United States of America, the Constitution is not the source of admiralty or maritime judicial power.

The United States Government uses the military authority of the President of the United States of America, which is derived from the Articles of Confederation to make laws for the government and to exercise all the other powers conferred in the Articles of Confederation. The power to administer and manage the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America such as Washington, D. C. and similar property belonging to the United States of America is a proprietary power not one that is legislative. The exercise of the proprietary power appears to be legislative because the Congress is a body consisting of the numerous member States. All the executive power of government is derived from the war making authority and other powers granted the Confederacy, in Article IX of the Articles of Confederation. Any authority not found in the Articles of Confederation can be conjured up from the proprietary power derived from the ownership of government territory and property through out the several states.

American government is based on the perpetual lies told by every person elected to the Office of President, an office of the Articles of Confederation. These lies are based on the premise that the Constitution has repealed and replaced the Articles of Confederation. I deal with that erroneous contention by showing that though there are attempt to ordain and establish the written Constitution for the “People of the United States” and that same Constitution provides for ratification by the States no “Adoption” of the Constitution ever takes place. Without an “Adoption” of the Constitution by the person elected to the Office of President, the only Officer capable of that act, the Constitution is limited to the function of acting as an amendment to the Articles of Confederation.

Everyone should know that it is the Presidential Electors now called the Electoral College not the voters who elect the person who fills the Office of President. No one knows that the person elected President takes the oath of Office for another Office and never takes the oath of Office of President. A vacant Office of President makes it impossible for there to be a Constitution for the United States of America. Millions of voters cast their ballots for a President of the United States knowing that they aren’t really going to elect a President of the United States. What would happen if they learned the truth? The truth is the person elected President by the Electoral College should take an oath to hold the Office of President and to support the Constitution as it is written.

Everyone wrongly thinks the President Elect takes an oath to support the Constitution, which was written and ratified just before Washington was elected to the Office of President. The truth is no President has ever taken an oath to support the Constitution or tell the American people the truth. The oath of Office of President of the United States was first whispered by George Washington to an audience straining to hear the truth, was supposed to be a promise to support. Washington whispered the oath to limit the number of witnesses to what he had done. Remember, the President Elect produced no written record of the oath he had just taken and audio recordings would not be possible until there were few if any Americans to question the oath being taken. Your first steps toward freedom are learning the Presidential electoral process and the procedure involved in the taking of the oath of office.

The wording of the oath of Office of President of the United States permits the President of the United States of America to name himself dictator, by taking the oath of Office of President of the United States. These truths and the others that will be revealed can only be known by you, if you read the Constitution literally. For example, the Office of President is not the Office of President of the United States or any other Office. When these Offices are kept separate, you the Captive of government can be freed.

Freedom comes from knowing how government in America was slowly taken over by George Washington representing the military establishment. These truths are hidden in the different names given to the Presidential Offices held by the same person. The President Elect lies when he first tells Americans that he will be Commander in Chief under the authority of the Constitution. Until the President Elect takes the oath of Office of President of the United States, the President Elect is next in line to be Commander in Chief under the Articles of Confederation. Presidents no matter how they describe themselves are not primarily civilians they are military Commanders in Chief under the Articles of Confederation who are preparing to become domestic dictators.

Laws created and established by the Creator as the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence are the ideal examples of legislation. According to the Declaration of Independence, governments are instituted among men to secure the unalienable rights devised by the Creator, so we can logically expect written laws to apply to government for the purpose of restraining government. In fact, the pronouncement that government are made for the purpose of securing unalienable rights confirms that written laws are only for the purpose of restraining government. No one will claim that government of late has been limited to the duty described on July 4, 1776. You are, in fact, an innocent captive because it was alleged you violated written law.

Government was officially restricted by the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation to securing the rights endowed by the Creator, at least for a short time in America, the people were entirely free of government by men. Written law controlled government and left the people to be ruled by God and the English common law. July 4, 1776 marked the official beginning of the end in America of government by one man, the King of England. Faced with the prospect of being defeated by the British, the States that had been established by the people of the English colonies began the delegation of those powers best exercised jointly against a common enemy.

We are captives of government because we have allowed ourselves to become the subjects of legislation. Such a transformation and resulting imprisonment is only possible if government has taken the place of the Creator. Despite the national motto: In God We Trust, the Creator has ceased to be the origin of unwritten law and unalienable rights. In America, God has been replaced by the cult of the Constitution in which unalienable rights have been replaced by constitutional rights. The amendment of the Constitution with the so-called Bill of Rights confirms the adoption of the Constitution by the United States Government for the further creation of legislation for the people of the United States living on government territory.

Government in America is not real except in the sense that it is described by written words that are arranged into written laws. The division of the electorate into a Democrat and Republican parties should alert any sane person that a substantial amount of reality is missing from the system. I will you how to be free by confining government to a physical space where government’s written laws can make sense.

and nowhere is this more evident than in the United States of America. I refer to the States as they existed just prior to the Declaration of Independence.

Government will put a person in prison to subjection to foreign written law. You are reading this I teach people who want to be free of government how to free themselves. Since the American Civil War, government has been growing in power in America.

All worldly governments use ignorance and deceit to make us captives of their written laws. The difference between written and unwritten law is obvious, but it is very difficult for most people to accept unwritten law as the only source of freedom. This letter may be your first exposure to a new way of looking at the law and government, so you may have a lot of difficulty accepting the ideas I’m presenting. Your mind is

I have received so many letters from those held captive in prisons or in detention centers that my meager personal finances prevented me from personally answering them. I have read all these letters, however, I just couldn’t possibly afford to answer them. Besides, practically all my time was taken up in my research for a solution to the injustice that makes so many captives of government. I wanted to provide a personal reply to those who had written me but I also wanted to provide you and others in your situation information of value.

Now, those of you who have lost your freedom are in a position to help yourselves and others by discovering the truth about the law and government. Yes, by losing your freedom you now have the time to discover the truth about the law and the government that will make you free.


Although this letter is a general response to your letter and all the letters I have received or that I expect to receive concerning an article on the federal courts I wrote in February, 2004, it contains secrets about the law and government that can result in obtaining your freedom. I explained in the beginning of this letter that Satan the devil tempted Jesus Christ with the authority of all world government. Jesus resisted that temptation because all men and women are to be ruled by God. If you have decided to be ruled by God’s laws, you are ready to learn how to free yourself from the rule of men and women.

The 2004 article explained how the United States courts, where all criminal prosecutions take place and that are brought on behalf of the United States of America, are not Article III judicial courts. When I wrote that article, I thought that would be enough to prove the so-called criminal justice was completely broken. Government and United States Justices and Judges continue to claim to Article III courts and judges neglecting to add that they are legislative Article III courts, Justices and Judges. Government remains under the complete control of Satan, the devil.

You are a government captive because of badly interpreted written and misapplied laws. The research that I just completed leaves no significant government secrets unrevealed. I only have to teach you one or more of those and you with the help of others can use the whole truth to make you free. However, only the real truth will make you free. You must only use God’s truth or you will be doing the work of the devil. To be certain you are using God’s truth you must share what you believe to be the truth with others so you can be certain that it will be understood to be the whole truth. Only God’s truth will make you free.

Once I discovered a little bit of God’s truth I decided that I had to do something to help those who have sought my assistance in understanding the true nature of the United States Government and the United States district courts. I will teach you and those who will join you in your education how to become legal geniuses. Jesus Christ has already taught you God’s law or you can learn easily enough. I will teach you enough about written law so you can separate God’s law from written law. In the process of your education, you will free yourselves from your captivity. Once you are free, you will be able to help those who remain in captivity from the outside. The legal profession consisting of attorneys and judges have contributed to the unjust system we have, so they will not be part of the effort to correct it. Lawyers are of no help as long as they practise wrong government and bad written law.

We now know that all legislation made by the Congress of the United States is, of course, written and seriously legally deficient to guide you day to day, because these laws will be assumed to apply outside the government and government territory. Using the fact that all acts of the Congress of the United States are legislative, it is easily shown that Article III courts have never been ordained and established. If you are a federal captive your case was decided in a United States district court. My earlier research on the United States courts clearly revealed those courts to be completely dependent on the will of the Congress of the United States. A court that is entirely dependent on the will of a body of lawmakers cannot be a different independent branch of government.

I am focusing my efforts to free you from your captivity, because by helping you free yourself, you and your family will help me free others who will free themselves and others. Once enough of us are free we may free the world from the ignorance that keeps them from being freed by God’s truth. I don’t think that you will object to the slow start, because I believe my research will eventually result in your certain release.

I have prepared this long letter to provide you with hope and information that I think will eventually result in your release. Your early release will only be possible if we are able to prove that the Congress of the United States and the United States courts are exercising proprietary power rather than governmental power. To do this you must be very attentive of all the material that is presented to you. Read all material critically so that every fact and opinion presented to you is exposed to the utmost scrutiny. Share all the material I provide you and especially invite your smartest friends and acquaintances to comment on it.

The Constitution is a subject everyone has an opinion of, but hardly anyone knows well. This educational course on the law will make you an expert. Every time you get material from me the theme will be the same: learning the truth and using it to set you free. Government courts are not created for the purpose of making you free. All government courts are part of the legislative branch, so the purpose of these courts is to get obedience.

In theory, the people of the States created the “one supreme Court” of Article III, when the people of the first nine States ratified the Constitution. That theory does not hold up sufficiently to create a judicial court for the United States of America. Article XIII of the Articles of Confederation required every state to approve an alteration of the Articles of Confederation and adding a “one supreme Court” was such an alteration. Ratification by nine states was sufficient to approve a legislative Supreme Court and that is what the First Congress did on September 24, 1789. The nine-State ratification also approved the Article I Chief Justice. When the thirteenth State, Rhode Island, ratified the Constitution, it was then possible for the Congress of the United States to ordain Offices for Judges and establish Courts for those Judges. However, by then the Congress of the United States had already legislated inferior legislative courts and would never ordain and establish Article III courts.

There are no Article III judicial courts, because such courts were intended to operate at a high level of the government of States that was never fully implemented. Full implementation would be achieved by the adoption by oath “to support this Constitution,” by the person elected to the Office of President. By employing the same meticulous research as I used to prove there are no Article III United States judicial courts, I have proven that though the “People of the United States” have ordained and established “this Constitution for the United States of America” and the States have ratified “the Constitution of the United States the Constitution has never been adopted. It is my opinion that only the oath of the President Elect “to support this Constitution” will adopt the written Constitution for the United States of America. Because my research revealed no evidence of any ordination or establishment of even one Article III judicial court, I took that as confirmation of my belief that the written Constitution has not been adopted for the United States of America.

I found legislative evidence of the deceptive attempt to create an Article III judicial court by legislation that and much more can be found in the CD book. For those captives of government, with resources on the outside, the best CD book on the subject of the so-called federal courts is our book on CD: What Happened to Justice? Why You Can’t Get Justice in Federal Courts and What to Do About It. The CD book contains our commentary and all the evidence that backs up the conclusions that the United States courts are non-judicial. The CD book contains all the details of the legislative creation of all the United States courts. There is a print version that just contains our commentary. Both versions are only available online from www.sedm.org The United States courts are not judicial they are legislative. What that means is explained in the book.

If you had my full and complete knowledge of the non-judicial nature of the federal courts, you still couldn’t prove that the United States district court that had your case was limited to the government territory within the State. It is enough that you know God’s truth. Many people must know the truth about the government before all the innocent get their freedom. The best way to attack your own government problem, be it an indictment, pending jury trial or the setting aside of a conviction, is to share this letter and all the materials you have received from me with others. Fortunately, full knowledge does not have to be possessed by you alone. In fact, it is best if this knowledge is shared among a group of people, so that knowledge cannot to be lost. The truth like love is of little value if it is not shared.

The government became a commercial enterprise, when George Washington took the oath of Office of President of the United States. When he appointed the first United States district court judges, he did it so they could preserve, protect and defend the territory and property belonging to the United States of America. It is not that the United States district courts are not part of the government—they are. The problem for you is that you are being treated as if you have involved yourself in the business of government. As I have shown in my analysis and discussions of George Washington, the business of the United States Government was from his first administration the care and management of the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America, a Confederacy established by the Articles of Confederation.

The best approach and the one that will provide the best result is a full exposure of the entire United States Government. It takes many pages to explain why a federal district judge has no judicial power, while it is relatively simple to show that all the district judges are appointed either by a President of the United States who is part of the legislative branch or the President of the United States of America, who has taken no oath and is part of the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation. With either President, any issue is a matter of a commercial or business nature having nothing to do with the written Constitution.

Education of important issues involving government concepts and proposition of law is the kind of aid and assistance that I am prepared to provide. Although I had graduated in 1971 from UCLA Law School and practiced law for 34 years, I really didn’t fully understand government and the law until I re-examined both subjects without the biases I had been taught. I had a life changing experience. I believe God made me the World’s Greatest Legal Mind so I could teach others to be great legal minds as well. As you already know or as you will soon find out, I am the only scholar researching the true power of the United States trial and appellate courts by direct examination of the Organic Law of the United States of America. The completion of my studies and research allow me to teach you how to free yourself from government captivity with the help of God.

My plan for obtaining the release from custody every person who is unlawfully detained is based on my ability to teach basic law and government to any person willing to devote a few minutes each day to studying a few documents. Over the period of several years, I have developed enough lessons in law and government so that I can teach anyone enough law to overturn a conviction or have an indictment dismissed. The Organic Law of the United States of America consists of a few pages, which I will provide in a form that can be searched by any computer. My plan is to teach the person in captivity and the family and friends of that person so they can work together to achieve the captive’s release from captivity. My research has uncovered so many new reasons why confinements like yours should be found to be without justification, I have instituted this educational program for the friends and family of those like you in government captivity.

My prior research on the true character of the so-called federal courts revealed them to be legislative. By legislative, I mean that the federal courts had no independent government power to decide all the issues of a genuine case or controversy existing between two parties. In every federal criminal prosecution, the plaintiff or injured party is the United States of America. I have established that the Article II Section 1 President of the United States of America represents the executive power of the United States of America as that power is set out in the Articles of Confederation.

My latest research on the so-called executive branch conclusively confirmed the Office of President of the United States to be legislative. The two Offices: President of the United States and Vice President of the United States are found in Article I and further computer searches of the Constitution relative to the duties, qualifications and term of office confirm the two Offices to be legislative without definite terms or qualifications.

These findings of legislative characteristics to the United States courts and the Office of President of the United States do not confirm in the Congress of the United States legislative power. Rather, Congress exercises proprietary rights with respect to territory and other property belonging to the United States of America. Proprietary power instead of legislative power confirms the finding of no adoption of “this Constitution.”


How can you change the course of history? If you ask for and receive God’s forgiveness, your efforts to achieve your own freedom will free the world. Immediately, tell Barack Obama elected to the Office of President to take that Office by swearing or affirming to support the Constitution written in 1787. The Constitution has not been “Adopted,” because no President has ever sworn or affirmed an oath “to support this Constitution.” Plead with the President Elect Barack Obama to change the course of history by taking an oath “to support this Constitution.”

Very truly yours,

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera